Mike Killeen Bio

Originally from Athens, Georgia and now living in Decatur, Mike counts Bob Dylan, Vic Chesnutt, Nirvana, and Uncle Tupelo among his formative influences. He has shared the stage with southern rock legends the Marshall Tucker Band and Grammy Award winners The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Signing with Saturn 5 Records, Mike’s s third full length album, "Poverty is Real”, re-released on August 21, 2015 to worldwide digital distribution. Originally recorded in 2011, the title track on the album has been featured in acclaimed director Salvatore Alaimo’s documentary “What is Philanthropy?” Produced by Will Robertson, the record is a more muscular presentation of Mike's songwriting than found previously, with crunchy electric guitars and racous crash cymbals appearing throughout. BeAtlanta.com called Poverty is Real, "a collection of beautiful arrangements and meaningful lyrics." The album's title track will be featured in the documentary, "What is Philanthropy?," to be released in 2013.

Mike’s first album, "Guns Kill People," was produced by Mark Van Allen and released in 2006. The record opens with the electric guitars of "Crippled Town," before settling into the pedal-steel-laden "Searching for an Angel". Together, the first two tracks capture the spirited arrangements found throughout. Appearing on the album are Van Allen (Indigo Girls) on pedal steel, Mike Steel (Randall Bramlett band) on bass, and Claire Campbell (Hope For Agoldensummer) on backing vocals.

The following year, Mike released "Demos, Outtakes, Live, and Whatnot Volume I: 2002-2006," a collection of songs recorded before the Guns Kill People album. The compilation includes "Verb in E," which appeared on Vol. 2, No. 1 of "Verb," an award-winning audioquarterly that features original fiction, poetry, and music.

In 2008, Mike reconnected with Mark Van Allen to record and release "Little. And Low.," an EP featuring five of Mike's more melancholy songs. "Baby Be True" was recorded live at Full Moon Studios in Watkinsville, Georgia in May, 2009. Produced by Jay Rodgers, the album captures Mike's songs in their rawest forms, supported only by acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Some important nouns in Mike's life:
Northside Hospital
Athens (Hershel Walker, REM)
Tears (hungry, Reagan elected)
Solid foods
The Giving Tree
Dale Murphy
Athens Montessori School
Barnett Shoals Elementary
Michael Jackson Thriller
Book It!
Star Wars
Principal’s office (spoons)
Long division
Little League baseball
Clarke Middle School
The Beatles Rubber Soul
Nirvana Nevermind
Cedar Shoals High School
Liz Phair Exile in Guyville
Jack Logan Bulk
Jaywalking Lady
Vic Chesnutt Little
Memorial Park
Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home
Ford Ranger
Pavement Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
The Catcher in the Rye
#12 in your program
Son Volt Trace
High school sweetheart
University of Georgia
Fern Hill, America
I’m a Georgia Voter
J school (omit needless words)
Conflict of Interest
Name in print
Name in lights
Marshall Tucker Band
Ping pong (Nate 91, me 73)
Hanging chads
Black eye (punk rock argument with punks)
B average (almost)
Zell Miller demented commencement
Lenz, Inc.
Confederacy of Dunces
Curbside Crush
Blind Boys of Alabama
Guns Kill People
Verb in E
Demos, Outtakes, Live, and Whatnot, Volume I
Little. And Low.
Mike Killeen and the Sweethearts
Mourning Auntie
Godfather to Judy
Baby Be True
Poverty is Real