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Poverty is Real, Killeen's third full-length album, was produced by Will Robertson and recorded at 800 East in Atlanta and Gallop Studios in Tucker in summer/fall of 2010.

Poverty is Real track list

  1. I would give you everything
  2. Something in between
  3. Cobwebs
  4. Is there nothing more selfish than love?
  5. Always be lonely
  6. Something like be true
  7. Poverty is real
  8. Future is failing
  9. Get let down
  10. Firework reflections
Baby Be True Cover Art

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Mike recorded his newest release, "Baby Be True", entirely live at Full Moon Studios in Watkinsville, Georgia in May 2009.

Baby Be True track list

  1. Baby Be True
  2. Hold Me If You Can
  3. Where It Begins and Where It Ends
  4. Dream House
  5. I Don't Want To Grow Old
  6. Sell Your Flag
  7. Perfect Beautiful
  8. Don't You Try Tonight
  9. Just Be William
Little. And Low. Cover Art

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Recorded in fall of 2008, "Little. And Low." is an EP featuring five previously unreleased songs. Appearing on the album are Nathan Beaver (bass, vocals), and Michael Dana (drums), and Mark Van Allen (dobro, lap steel, pedal steel guitar).

Little. And Low. track listing

  1. Tortured Gaze
  2. Ticking Grace (Seven Songs for You)
  3. Sad Sweet Sad Lonely Girl
  4. This World Doesn't Own You Anymore
  5. I Love My Wife So Much Sometimes
Guns Kill People

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Mike penned all 11 tracks and contributed vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, bass, and harmonica.

A number of talented musicians appear on the record, including Nathan Beaver, Claire Campbell (Hope for a Golden Summer), Mike Steele (Randall Bramblett Band), and Mark Van Allen (Blueground Undergrass).

Guns Kill People track list

  1. Crippled Town
  2. Searching for an Angel
  3. Stillness in the Statue
  4. The Servants Have Been Freed
  5. So Dumb
  6. Who Has the Time to be Left Behind?
  7. The World You Find
  8. Broken Glass
  9. Blue Fields
  10. The Next to Fall
  11. See Right Through
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