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Poverty is Real is "a collection of beautiful arrangements and meaningful lyrics."

Mike Killeen is pleased to announce that he has signed an exclusive deal with the independent record label Saturn 5 Records in July 2015. “I’m very excited about this arrangement. I’ve been around this label for years with its work as Red Eye Gravy and the non-profit organization Poverty is Real. In it’s new iteration, Saturn 5 is really focused on getting Americana music heard, and the key to that is world wide distribution.” Richard Lenz, President and Founder of Saturn 5 Records is thrilled to have Killeen as part of the label’s expanding platform of Americana artists. "We are able to provide our artists with a wider distribution network, along with promotion and performance opportunities. Mike and Nathan (Nathan Beaver, recently signed to the label as well) represent the essence of songwriting in Americana- strong lyrics and haunting melodies which bend the heartstrings of the listener.”. Poverty is Real is available August 21, 2015 in re-release to a broad network of digital service providers including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and Pandora, to name a few. Physical copies are available for purchase at Saturn5Records.com. and Amazon.com.